Gravel Slovenia: Salonit Anhovo, Kamnolomni

The Slovenian specialist for gravel within Alpacem is Salonit Anhovo, Kamnolomni, d.o.o. Production takes place at the three plant locations Anhovo, Solkan and Črnotiče.

In Anhovo, we mine the raw material for cement production, while rough rubble is also sold. At the Črnotiče and Solkan locations, we produce rough rubble; we also manufacture aggregates for concrete production and chips.

Locations in Slovenia

The quarry in Anhovo is located in direct proximity to the cement plant in Anhovo; the raw material is transported in an environmentally friendly manner from the treatment facilities into the cement plant via conveyor belts.

The Solkan site is in direct proximity to the Nova Gorica/Gorizia metropolitan area; the products are sold mainly to local customers, both in Slovenia and in Italy.

The Črnotiče site is located in the Koper metropolitan area and in addition to the gravel production facility it also includes a concrete plant, which is put into operation when needed. In addition to our own concrete plants, local customers are the main consumers of the products.