Gravel Austria: w&p Zement

The Austrian specialist for gravel within Alpacem is w&p Zement GmbH. Production takes place at the Peggau location. The annual gravel production quantity amounts to 400,000 tonnes. The company headquarters and the management of technology and sales are located in Wietersdorf, where the research and development department is also based.

Since the company was founded in 1893, we have continued to develop our products and our company. Our focus is on our customers’ needs, our employees, and constantly improving our processes as well as investments in environmental technologies.

Locations in Austria

Mining activities are operated at two locations in Austria, Wietersdorf and Peggau. The raw materials mined in Wietersdorf are processed exclusively in the cement production facility on site.

In Peggau, the raw stone which is mined is treated and sold. On the one hand, it is used by w&p Kalk to produce burnt lime and other carbonate products. On the other hand, there is an external dry mortar production facility at the location that uses the raw material. Additionally, in Peggau we produce aggregates for concrete production.