Delivery of the primary materials

For concrete to be produced, cement, aggregate, water and additives are required. All primary materials are delivered to the concrete mixing plant and stored properly. Here, aggregates both from our own production and from local suppliers are used. The cements are delivered from the surrounding Alpacem cement locations.

Production of the ready-mixed concrete in the mixing plant

The primary materials are weighed into the mixer in the established formula depending on the concrete variety and are mixed in compliance with defined mixing times. Twin-shaft pugmills and pan mixers are used as mixers at Alpacem Beton. The formulae are recreated and tested as soon as there are changes in the raw materials; the initial testing is carried out once a year.

The mixing process takes place on an automatic basis and is monitored by the mixing plant supervisor. The mixing plant supervisor intervenes in the process if the desired properties of the fresh concrete are not achieved or if it emerges on the construction site that, for example, a higher consistency class is necessary. The mixing plant supervisor has a very responsible role, as they balance out the fluctuations that can arise with mineral raw materials despite many homogenisation steps.

Quality assurance at the plant and on the construction site

We carry out the quality checks of the ready-mixed concrete at the plant. This includes, for example, testing the consistency class, the water binder value and the air pore content (in the case of concretes to which air entraining agents are added) If our concrete technologists establish deviations from the properties of the concrete variety, we react immediately and the formula is adapted.

In addition to monitoring the concretes at the plant, we also carry out testing on the construction site, with established deviations reacted to immediately here as well. Moreover, our concrete technologists are available to answer the customers’ application-related questions.