Concrete Austria: w&p Beton

The Austrian concrete specialist within Alpacem is w&p Beton GmbH. Production takes place at the four plant locations of Deutschlandsberg, Graz, Gröbming, Klagenfurt and Feldkirchen. The annually produced ready-mixed concrete quantity amounts to over 130,000 cubic metres. The company headquarters and the management of technology and sales are located in Klagenfurt.

w&p Beton became part of Alpacem in 2004. The development of the company and products takes place in close cooperation with w&p Zement. Our ready-mixed concrete is monitored by our own concrete technologists and is processed by our regional customers in the surrounding area of the respective concrete mixing plant. Short transportation routes for the raw material and concrete transport ensure that our concrete has a very good eco-balance.

Four locations, great proximity to the customers

When it comes to ready-mixed concrete, proximity to the customers is important for a good partnership. Thanks to short transportation routes, the concretes can be delivered punctually and the desired properties of the fresh concrete can be achieved on the construction site. The good processability of concrete, which deteriorates in the event of long time spans between mixing and processing, is crucial for the quality of the structures built with concrete.

Our efficient plant locations are found in the conurbations of Southern Austria around Graz and Klagenfurt as well as in the Enns valley. We purchase the aggregates from local suppliers; the cements are supplied from our own plants. Thus, transportation routes remain short and the customers benefit from the capable delivery of our concretes.