Cement Slovenia: Salonit Anhovo

The Slovenian cement specialist within Alpacem is Salonit Anhovo, d.d.. Production takes place at the location in Anhovo, near Nova Gorica; a delivery terminal is operated in Ljubljana. The annual capacity for cement and binder amounts to 1,200,000 tonnes. The company headquarters and the management of technology and sales are located in Anhovo, where research and development is also based.

Since the company was founded in 1921, we have continued to develop our products and our company. The needs of our customers are at the heart of our product development; our staff, the constant improvement of the processes and investments in environmental technologies are our focus when it comes to developing the company.


Locations in Slovenia

A fully-integrated cement plant is operated in Anhovo. All the production steps of cement production, from raw material extraction to the production of the cement clinker to the grinding of the cements and binders, are carried out here. To this end, the plant was expanded and modernised from 2006 to 2009. Thanks to continuous investment, it is one of Europe’s most modern and clean cement plants. In addition to the cement plant, the maintenance specialist Salinvest, d.o.o. as well as Salonit Anhovo Inde are based in Anhovo.

In Ljubljana, a cement terminal is operated that is supplied with cement from Anhovo by train. Our customers benefit from the permanent availability of the cements.